Video: Sig Sauer’s P320 X5 Shooting Test

How does the Sig Sauer P320 X5's accuracy and dependability stand up to a grueling 84-round torture test?
SW Model 929 -f

Gun Review: Shooting The Moon With The Smith & Wesson 929

S&W’s 929 is a high-quality, moon-clip-fed 9mm revolver that’s ready for anything. What to know about the Smith & Wesson Model 929: The Model 929...

Video: The Extreme Reliability Of Sig’s P320 RX Compact

Can SIG's P320 RX Compact stand up against water, muck and a Jeep Wrangler? You'd be surprised.

Video: Highlighting The Sig Sauer P320 Pistol

The Sig Sauer P320 is an excellent defensive handgun option — mostly because of its many great features.

Gun Review: Walther’s Scaled Down PPQ SC Still Packs A Punch

To the delight of Walther fans, the manufacturer has brought out a subcompact version of its classic PPQ pistol for 2018 — the PPQ SC.

Gear Review: The Blowback Laser Trainer

Finding time to maintain shooting fundamentals can be a challenge, but the Blowback Laser Trainer provides a realistic solution.
Magnum Research BFR 444 Marlin -feat

Gun Review: Magnum Research BFR .444 Marlin

Magnum Research’s constantly evolving BFR is now chambered in .444 Marlin.

Best Concealed Carry Optics: Red Dot, Green Dot Or Iron Sights?

Groundbreaking study compares red dot sights with conventional iron sights, green-dot laser sights, and slide-mounted red-dot sights with and without backup iron sights (BUIS) on the pistols. Which sights are best for concealed carry?

Gun Review: Nighthawk Custom T4 1911

Nighthawk Custom’s T4 is an elegant work of art, but it’s also a fine pistol that serves equally well in defense of life.

Modern Survival Guns: Beretta M9A3 Review

Beretta’s most famous firearm may well be its Model 92 pistol, first offered in 1975 in 9mm. Now, the impressive new Beretta M9A3 model is a serious contender as a modern survival gun.

5 Critical Elements Of A Handgun Training Program

Tacticool instruction might be fun, but it won't make you a more prepared armed citizen. Handgun training should focus on the skills with practical tools that will save your skin.

New Gun: Springfield Releases XD-E In .45 ACP

Springfield has upped the ante with its XD-E, releasing the hammer pistol in the hard-hitting .45 ACP.

Handgun Snapshot: Getting A Grip With Walther’s PK380

Rightsized, the Walther PK380 is small enough to slip into a pocket, but has the performance of much larger self-defense handgun.

Gun Review: Nighthawk Border Special 1911

Nighthawk’s Border Special 1911 does whatever you ask of it, and it does it well.

Ruger Mark IV Target: Evolution And History

The new Ruger Mark IV .22 LR pistol is the latest version of the original and well-known Ruger semi-automatic .22 handgun.

Gun Review: Coonan Classic And Compact .357 Magnum 1911s

The Coonan Classic and Compact 1911s chambered in .357 Magnum are powerful defensive handguns that can be surprisingly concealable.