Gun Quotes: Smith & Wesson, Civil War, and Revolver Success


A new war and a new revolver bring success to the young Smith & Wesson company.

Smith & Wesson Model 2 Army revolvers“The timing of the introduction of the Model 2 proved important to the partners, for the first guns reached the market in June of 1861, only two months after the first shots were fired that marked the beginning of the American Civil War. … Fear of invasion gripped the North, and northern soldiers were searching for compact arms to carry to war. Smith & Wesson found itself in an enviable position with the exclusive patent on a cartridge revolver. The Model 2 … could be quickly loaded with the new waterproof metallic cartridge and it proved ideal for the soldier as well as those on the home front. Smith & Wesson quickly felt the impact of the gun's popularity. Orders rose so fast that by 1862 the company was forced to close its books because there were orders already for more arms than could be produced during the next three years.”–Roy Jinks on the S&W Model 2 Army revolver, History of Smith & Wesson, Revised Tenth Anniversary Edition (1977).


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