Gun Quotes: Jack O’Connor’s Only Double Rifle


Jack O'Connor was best known for his musings on shotguns and bolt-action rifles, but one pretty double rifle also made the grade.

A fine double rifle intended for the plains of Africa.
A fine double rifle intended for the plains of Africa.

“I once had a pretty little Jeffery double rifle for the .450-500
3-inch cartridge. I bought it almost entirely for the cosmetic effect. Put me in my bush jacket, my Terai hat with pugaree, my Nairobi safari boots, and let me carry my nifty little double and you could just about hear the lions roaring over the water hole in the donga.”–Jack O'Connor, The Last Book: Confessions of a Gun Editor (Amwell Press, 1984)

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  1. I respected old Jack immensely. He was perhaps “the only” gun writer that was not a prostitute of the gun industry. He gave a scathing review of the post ’64 Model 70 Winchester. Back then and to date no other gun writer has had the guts to “tell it like it is” in regards to all of Winchesters various post 64 model 70 variations.

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