Gun Photos: Colt 1911 National Match


The Colt National Match 1911

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If you enjoy fine firearms, says Ayoob, you’ll enjoy reading “American Beauty” by Tim Mullin. NM’s gorgeous finish is evident even in this “photo of a photo.” From Massad Ayoob's Greatest Handguns of the World.


The Custom 1911

Learn how to ask the right questions when purchasing your 1911 pistol, and make an informed, intelligent decision with the wealth of information provided in The Custom 1911 by Bill Loëb. Because this ever-popular pistol has been produced by more companies than any other firearm in history, the available options may at first seem intimidating. Wade through the vast availability of the 1911 pistol, and grow in your understanding of the main differences between the abundance of custom shops. Get your copy now


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