Gun Photos: 20-Revolver Sixgun Salute


Splinter Grips vs Boot Grip

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Old style splinter grips on bottom gun make snubnose difficult to shoot well compared to well-designed boot grip on top gun.

This photo gallery is excerpted from the Gun Digest Book of the Revolver.

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  1. Great article, you missed the 5 shooter (ha).
    Not exactly what I would suggest for the “faint of heart” although “not in the every day conceal category” my go to for hunting is the XVR 460 S&W! Why S&W decided to go with double action is beyond me. The X frame is perfect for this “beast” the report is an attention getter. All the members of the hunt club know when I send one. Set a AimPoint 9000SC on top……… good to go 100+ yards.

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