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Wondering if a product is right for you? Look no further than Gun Digest's expert reviews on the hottest new firearms. Our editorial team and contributors put tons of new products to the test each year to provide you with all you need to know about the latest new guns, ammo and accessories so you can make an informed decision when choosing your next firearm or piece of gear.

The new Springfield Armory EMP 4 provides fans of Browning’s classic design with a dedicated and upgraded 9mm 1911 well suited for carry.
E.R. Shaw has jumped into the AR game, and the company’s ERS15 is a multi-purpose masterpiece.
The second generation M&P M2.0 takes Smith & Wesson’s classic pistol to the next level with ergonomic and performance upgrades.
Remington’s new RP9 is the American manufacturer’s first full-size striker-fired handgun, and it’s got a lot to offer in a price-friendly package.
The Savage B.Mag chambered in the screaming .17 WSM is a handy little rifle that's perfect for serious varmint slaying or plinking at the range.
There are a variety of methods or formulas for zeroing the AR, but this might be one of the simplest and most precise systems out there.
The new Remington Model 7 LS is a traditional-style rifle with iron sights and an elegant brown laminate hardwood stock that would make Jeff Cooper proud.
Mossberg & Sons is shooting at another platform in 3-Gun with the release of a rifle tailored for the competition.
The past year has been good for the development of several excellent semi-auto pistols. Here’s our look at a few of the best new semi-autos brought out within the last year or so.


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