Find Out Who Won: Reloading Essentials Giveaway


Thanks to everyone who entered for a chance to win two ammunition reloading essentials from Gun Digest Books. While there is a handful of partiers among us, it looks like the overwhelming majority will be staying home on New Year's Eve. Notable exceptions are those who will be out there working for our safety and security – A special “thank you” to all of you folks for your service.

The winner of the giveaway this week is a dedicated follower of the Inside Gun Digest Books blog: Congratulations to AR!

If you didn’t win but would like to order these books, get an extra 15% off the already discounted price by using special discount code IGDB40 (set up just for readers of the Inside Gun Digest Books blog!) and ordering by Dec. 31 from the Gun Digest Store:

  • ABCs of Reloading – The 9th Edition of ABCs of Reloading is a step-by-step guide on reloading rifle and handgun cartridges and shotshells.
  • Cartridges of the World 13th Edition – From the latest introductions in commercial cartridges and wildcats, to the fresh, authoritative articles on current ammunition trends, this book contains everything the active cartridge collector and firearms enthusiast needs to know.

A sincere thanks to each of you for reading the blog, and best wishes for a happy, safe and prosperous New Year!

~ Corrina


  1. Wow, this is great! Thank you for putting together these Gun Digest giveaways! I am ready to get into reloading, and this is the perfect set of books to make my reloading successful.


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