Video Survival Guide: Tips to Find What You Need to Stay Alive


In this video, Stay Alive! author John McCann shows simple things you can grab along the way that will help you survive in the woods. Have you heard about “Nature's Charmin”?


For those of us who don't remember much from Field Bio, McCann provides great pictures to help us find what we need to survive, like this River Birch . . .

McCann's survival handbook Stay Alive! explains, in simple, understandable terms (and with excellent photos), basic skills and simple items that can make a bad situation a whole lot better. In the chapter on Fire & Light, for example, he shows more than a half dozen common, natural materials that can be found and used as tinder. The images he includes help you to recognize the source of the material, and then to understand which part is useful and how to use it effectively.

. . . and also shows which part is most useful. (By the way, this is NOT the "Charmin"!)

Throughout the book, McCann also shares great  tips from his years of training and experience. This little gem is from the Fire & Light chapter:

“I have been carrying a small pencil sharpener in my fire kit for years. It is my tinder maker. It works really well on small sticks found laying around. It is even effective when wood is wet, as you can scrape off the wet outside, then make plenty of shavings from the nice dry wood inside.”

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