Pull! Gallery of 12 New 2015 Shotguns


From smooth-running semi-autos to a new double barrel, these 2015 shotguns have you covered from the clays course to the hunting fields.

Remington V3

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The big news from Big Green this year was the introduction of the V3, a gas-operated semi-auto that features a new compact Versa-Port gas system located directly in front of the receiver. Reduction is the name of the game for the V3. The reduced-length gas system adds a gas port, which reduces recoil, allows for a shorter receiver length, improves balance and reduces overall weight. In fact, the V3, at 7.2 pounds, is more than a pound lighter than the 11-87. The V3 also features recoil return springs built into the receiver rather than the stock, a magazine cut-off and a drilled and tapped receiver. It is available in wood and synthetic stocks, with 26- and 28-inch barrel lengths in 12 gauge. ($895-995; remington.com)

This photo gallery is an excerpt from the April 2015 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine. Click here to download the issue.

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