Performance-Enhancing Loads: Reload Your Own to Get What You Need


Accuracy is often listed among the top three reasons for reloading your own ammunition. As many shooters and hunters know, handloading ammunition allows you to customize loads to draw the maximum degree of accuracy from your gun, and to tailor the loads to your needs for a particular hunt or competition.

According to C. Rodney James, author of ABCs of Reloading:

Firearms and ammunition are standardized– more or less — with a range of tolerances, which means that your average gun will function properly with your average commercial ammunition, producing acceptably accurate results. For those who want better than “acceptable,” handloading your ammunition allows you to make custom-crafted ammunition, loaded to draw the maximum degree of accuracy from your gun because the powders and bullets are selected by you and tested by you to produce the best accuracy in your particular gun.

The sad end of a fine old rifle - accidentally overloaded with a double charge.

So if you're interested in creating your own performance-enhancing loads (and you are not one of those people who shouldn't be doing it – see here and here), the Gun Digest Store is running a great special on a collection of reloading books.

You can get the Essentials of Reloading Premium Collection, which includes five books – valued at $142.95 – for only $59.99. Plus, as a reader of this blog, you can get free standard U.S. shipping* on your order by using promo code INSIDEGDB. The bundle includes:

That should get you started. Have fun, and be safe out there.

* Promo code fine print: This offer is valid with the purchase of the Essentials of Reloading Premium Collection or any of the books in the list above. Items which ship directly from the manufacturer, indicated by a little red truck symbol on the GD store website, do not qualify for free shipping.


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