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Strikemark’s Digital Camera Picatinny Rail Mount

Strikemark based in beautiful Virginia Beach, VA.; home of the Brass Bell Steakhouse & Lounge, a.k.a. the mother ship for many of my buds, is a living and breathing example of what can happen when creative people are allowed to combine imagination with perspiration. This is a young company that started out designing and manufacturing reactive steel targets because they had the vision to see that shooting paper is not the way to train.

Today, they’ve expanded to some interesting niche products that can be summarized as mounting technologies for a variety of digital cameras.

 Increasingly more people and/or organizations are integrating video capture technologies with a weapon system to help them meet increasing legal requirements, in the case of law enforcement, or for the military to enhance command and control capabilities.

Strikemark recognized that need and has developed an assortment of mounting solutions for some specific technologies like Go Pro and Contour.

Recently, they’ve also introduced a Digital Camera Picatinny Rail Mount that allows the operator to mount a generic digital point and shoot camera to your weapon’s Pictainny rail system.

The mount slides over the desired rail and can be tightened down on the rail system using a hex nut.

 The camera is then attached to the Strikemark mount, using any one of five holes provided, then secured to the mount using a ¼ x 20 bolt and wingnut. The Strikemark mount is compatible with virtually all compact digital cameras with a ¼ x 20 tripod attachment point.

It’s a great little doodad that for $34.95 will let you capture the moment!

By:Sal Palma

  Manufacturer Specifications

Price: $34.95

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