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Sometimes a simple drawing showing the parts of a gun can be incredibly informative, indicating the exact placement and direction of insertion of parts with simple lines on paper. That's what you get with the Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings.

This collection of line drawings showing each piece of a disassembled gun is the perfect aid to anyone looking to identify and order replacement parts, or take a gun apart for cleaning and simple repair. Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings presents line drawings of more than 1,000 disassembled guns, with parts identified by number and a key to those numbers.

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In addition to the detailed, easy-to-understand drawings of rifles, shotguns and handguns of all types (single-shot, lever action, semi-automatic, bolt action, double, manually-operated repeater, slide action and revolvers), the book also features a resource section containing contact information for buying gun parts and supplies. This book is a must-have for gunsmiths, firearms collectors, shooters, hobbyists, and law enforcement officials – indeed, anyone who wants to be able to take apart a gun and put it back together.

This week, one lucky winner will get a copy of Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings. To enter the random drawing, just post a comment below telling us – if you're willing – whether you've ever had to take your gun to a gunsmith to put it back together. Or, as always, you can just say you’d like to win the book.

Entries will be accepted until midnight Monday (June 18, 2012) and we’ll announce the winner Tuesday (June 19).

Good luck!

One entry per person, please.
Entries accepted until 11:59 pm Central Time Monday, June 18, 2012.
Winner will be selected at random and announced Tuesday, June 19, 2012.


No purchase necessary to enter or win.
A purchase will not increase your chances of winning.
Offered only to legal residents of the 50 United States and the District of Columbia (“U.S.”), aged 18 years or older.

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  1. I could sure use the Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings! I have two handguns not fully reassembled because I don’t know where a few critical parts are supposed to go. I also have another gun that I need to disassemble, but I don’t dare to until I get my hands on a copy of the Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings, so I can put it back together properly and without any parts left over!

  2. I am currently going to school to become a gunsmith through correspondence. My instructor is Steve Felgenhauer. I am taking the course because I have no knowledge of guns. I have never taken a gun apart by myself. My husband introduced me to guns six years ago. He was in the US Army AD. He knows a lot about guns. However, I just do not understand without being able to see what he is talking about.
    I believe that with this book, I will be able to excel in my studies, have a good reference book for my future gunsmithing hobbies/jobs, and be able to talk with my husband about guns easier.
    Thank you Gun Digest for this opportunity!

  3. I have had help from other shooters who have had info about guns that I own and I also have had to seek help because I could not find that info myself. It would be nice to have such a book as Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings to be able to repay those that have helped me and also be able to offer that same help to other gun owners I meet.

  4. I’ve always kept the owner’s manuals for my guns, and they usually are good enough. But a book of this sort would certainly help with any used gun I might get that didn’t come with a manual.

  5. This volume would be immensely useful when working on my own guns and those of my friends, some of whom are the kind who like to bring me a box of “can you put this back together?” I also occasionally do some side work for local pawn shops and such. Plus I’m the kind of geek that just like schematic drawings.

  6. Would be a world of help when my friends bring me their guns wondering what’s wrong and even for disassembly/reassembly after cleaning. (I don’t know why I’m doing this, I’ve never won anything that I could actually use.)

  7. I have a number of books and diagrams, but have run into several situations when none of the ones I have are for the gun being worked on. And, I sometimes have to spend quite a bit of time looking for diagrams on the web which, in some cases, does not yield what I’m looking for. I’ve been pretty fortunate that I’ve never had to take a box of parts to a smith. But—-I have had to spend considerable time, on a few, to figure out exactly how certain things come apart and go back together. I also have several other friends/family who call me to see if I can show them how to get one back together, or what missing/broken part they need to acquire. Without good pictures/diagrams, it can sometimes be more than a bit time consuming and frustrating.

    Been planning to buy this book at some point. But, hey, if I can get you to send it for free, I’ll be quite tickled!

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