Editor’s Pick: New Centerfire Rifles Assembly-Disassembly


Gun Digest Book of Centerfire Rifles Assembly-Disassembly, 3rd Edition.

Hot off the presses and new in the GunDigestStore.com is Kevin Muramatsu’s third upgrade to his extremely popular Gun Digest Book of Centerfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly.

We routinely turn to Kevin for all our assembly/disassembly volumes for a number of reasons. For one, he’s a very solid writer, and boy oh boy does he know his stuff when it comes to firearms of all types. Rimfires, pistols, shotguns, and, of course, centerfire rifles—he’s got the taking apart and putting ‘em back together process as streamlined as can be, and he does it in a way that even the first-time gun owner can appreciate.

You remember when you went to take apart your first gun and how intimidating that proposition was—and oh, the pit in your stomach when there was a leftover part on your workbench after you thought you’d gotten it done right. Kevin does away with the angst and anxiety, simplifying the process from start to pieces and back to a whole unit again.

This third volume has assembly/disassembly for more than 60 of the most popular modern sporting rifles you’re bound to encounter, plus their close variants, everything from a Swiss Schmidt-Rubin Model 1911 (and, yes, that’s a rifle, not a pistol), to a Steyr Mannlicher Scout, Howa 1500, Remington Rolling Block, Savage Model 99, and the Winchester 1892. In this 3rd Edition, Kevin also added a variety of new guns, including those from CZ, Ruger, H&K, Springfield, Thompson/Center, and others. Altogether, an invaluable reference for anyone with a centerfire rifle or three in their safe.

Click here to get your copy of the new Gun Digest Book of Centerfire Rifles Assembly/Disassembly.


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