Editor’s Pick: Gun Digest Book of Shotgun Assembly/Disassembly



* Perfect for learning how to clean a shotgun completely.

* Enhance gunsmithing skills with information on shotgun parts.

* More 250 shotguns covered.



Shotgun CleaningWhether you grew up with the simply and ably designed Remington 870 in your hands, turned to the more sophisticated Winchester X3 for competitive sporting clays, shouldered one of the unique, box magazine-fed 12-gauges from Saiga Firearms for 3-gun competition, or are one of the lucky few to have a drum-fed 12-gauge Street Sweeper shotgun in your gun safe, you know that shotguns are as American as apple pie and the Star Spangled Banner.

And no matter what model you have, you know that stripping your shotgun down for cleaning and maintenance can be a hassle if you’re not an expert gunsmith. Enter Kevin Miramatsu’s newest book with us, Gun Digest Book of Shotgun Assembly/Disassembly.

Quite frankly, there are few people out there who have as complete a bank of shotgun knowledge as Miramatsu. In this volume, he’s explored more than 250 shotgun variants of all action types, from Stoeger to Savage, Beretta to Browning, Mossberg to Marlin, with plenty of newer models like the Browning Maxus, CZ Model 712, and Remington VersaMax.

And then there are the out-side-the-box picks, like a Parker double-barrel, Ruger Red Label, an H&R Topper, and the tactical shotgun from Citadel. Miramatsu has done his typically masterful job with the subject matter, including thorough breakdown and reassembly instructions, hundreds of illustrative photos, and expert advice for getting the job done.

Safe to say, in a volume this comprehensive, the DIY shotgunner will never screw the cap back on the bottle of Hoppe’s No. 9, look at your gunsmithing bench, and wonder why there’s a part still sitting there. So grab this must-have volume, get your gun cleaning kit together, and get to work. Your shotgun will thank you for it.

Click here to get the Gun Digest Book of Shotgun Assembly/Disassembly.



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