Diagrams Answer 4 Burning Questions for DIY Gunsmiths (& Did You Win the Book?)


If you've ever taken your gun apart for cleaning or maintenance, as you started putting it back together you may have wondered:

  • Where does this part go?
  • Which end goes up (or down, or to the left/right, or forward/toward the back)?
  • What is this part called?
  • Where can I get a new one of these?

The Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings answers these questions with detailed diagrams (and parts identified) for more than 1,000 models of pistols, revolvers, rifles and shotguns, along with a complete directory of firearms trade resources and contact information for buying gun parts and supplies. To see an example, check out the diagram below for the Ruger Mark I.

Between this book and her gunsmithing course, giveaway winner “MeltinTyres” may soon know as much (or more!) about guns as her husband.

If you didn't win the giveaway and want to purchase a copy of the book, stop by the Gun Digest Store to get Exploded Gun Drawings today.


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  1. You are very welcome MeltinTyres. These book giveaways are a lot of fun for us, we really enjoy hearing from GD readers who are as passionate about guns as we are.

    Best of luck in your gunsmithing endeavors! And, thanks to your husband for his service, and to you for your support of him during that time.
    ~ Corrina

  2. Thank you SO much GunDigest.com for this opportunity!
    Thank you to the Sponsors at F+W Media, Inc.!
    Also, thank you to Corrina Peterson for doing this giveaway!
    I cannot wait to receive my book and get started on my next assignments with it there to help me!



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