Gallery: 16 Great New Shooting Accessories


Pro Ears Pro 200 Series

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Pro Ears recently updated its Pro 200 Series electronic ear muffs, giving them a more modern look and offering them at a more attractive price point. They feature a spring form steel headband for increased compression and a durable construction and offer 19 decibels of noise reduction for damaging sounds as well as 15 decibels of amplification for non-harmful sounds. The user is able to hear commands and speech clearly while remaining protected against muzzle blasts and other loud sounds courtesy of the Pro 200’s exclusive DLSC compression technology, and the ear muffs carry a 3-year warranty. ($99.99;

Guns, ammo and optics are certainly important to shooters, but what about those other essential accessories and other pieces of gear? We’ve got you covered.

Any shooter can certainly get by with a gun and a handful of ammo, but what fun is that? Besides, it takes more than a rifle and a box of bullets to have a productive, fulfilling day at the range. You need stuff, lots of stuff.

Whether it’s a new storage system, some new cleaning supplies or something to make your range time a little easier or a little more productive, there’s a whole host of new products on the market this year. Here’s a look at several of the best new products.


Must-Have for Your Range Bag

Every range bag needs one of these in it. These top-selling ear protection muffs feature unique push-in on/off switch, plus two recessed microphones provide enhanced sound of normal conversation, while the muffs compressed. Extra cool features include separate volume control for each ear, a wind filter, and extended battery operation provides up to 300 hours of use. Uses 4 AAAA batteries (included). Get Yours Now

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