Editor’s Pick: Living Ready Basic Survival Kit

Adventure Survival Tin included in the Living Ready Basic Survival Kit
This U.S.-made survival tin contains more than 20 different items, each with a valuable role to play in survival and safety in emergency situations. Many of the items in this tin are U.S. Military Issue items or NATO Approved. Inside this pocket-sized kit you'll find all-weather matches, sewing kit, MP1 water purification tablets, snare wire, flint fire starter, bandages, water bag and more.

The Living Ready Basic Survival Kit Includes:

No doubt, 2012 has been the year of the much (and still) anticipated “Zombie Apocalypse.”

Guns, ammo, and various gear have all glommed onto this bit of marketing genius, and the thought of using any of it to bring a herd of zombies to its proper ending has been entertaining both for those of us on the industry side of things and the consumer. The blatant joking aside, there’s an underlying theme that runs through the zombie hype, and that is survival and preparedness — for whatever doom and gloom is headed your way.

The recent events on the East Coast and the debacle left behind by Hurricane Sandy have brought the prepper mindset into sharp focus. (Those folks on Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers don’t look so outside the box now, do they?)

That’s why I’ve picked our Living Ready Basic Survival Kit as this week’s editor’s choice. The kit includes the books SAS Survival Guide and Build the Perfect Survival Kit, our own Living Ready Winter 2012 magazine, the prudent volume Staying Alive, a pocket Survival Tin stuffed with all sorts of you’re-glad-it’s-in-there goodies, and a super super-bright mini flashlight.

A couple other pieces round out this special combo, the heart of which is Columbia Knife & Tool’s excellent Ignitor T Knife.

Whether you’re preparing for the next Sandy or Katrina, living in a drought-stricken portion of the country and always ready to bug-out when the wildfires rage, like to keep some solid essentials in your vehicle in case you wipe out on a lonely and icy road, or are truly convinced the zombies are coming, our Living Ready Basic Survival Kit can definitely make a bad situation less dire, less uncomfortable — and it may just help save your life.


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