Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 8


Thompson/Center Pro Hunter predator rifle

Thompson/Center Pro Hunter Predator
Thompson/Center’s guns sure have come a long way over the years. Today the company has dozens of job-specific firearms from centerfire to rimfire to muzzloader that suit shooters of all ages and sizes. Coyote hunters, for example, should be drooling over the T/C Pro Hunter Predator. This gun is just made for spooky coyotes that have been shot at, thanks to its complete camo coverage in Realtree Max-1. I particularly like that T/C chose this pattern because it goes with damn near any environment short of a total snow blanket. Four Wile E. calibers—.204 Ruger, .223, .22-250, and .308—are available in the 7.75-pound single-shot rifle, scope bases are included, and grip purchase inserts are on both the pistol grip and the fore-end. This rifle also sports Flex-Tech stock, which helps distribute and dissipate recoil.

MSRP: T/Cs annoying and awkward website doesn’t list prices. I Googled, found a press release that announced the gun’s release in January 2010 with an anticipated retail price of $799. Shouldn’t be hard to find this gun at slightly less than that now.

Nikon Coyote Special rifle scopeNikon Coyote Special
I actually searched out camoed scopes in Realtree patterns, hoping to find one to match the T/C Pro Hunter Predator in its Realtree Max-1 garb. Found it just fine, in the Nikon Coyote Special scope. This scope is a 3-9x40mm, just fine for coyotes and a couple dozen other game animals, and also in 4.5-14×40 if you like a little extra range. It has all the usual good Nikon glass and coatings, but this one also gets the ARD—Anti-Reflective Device—technology, which apparently cuts down reflection to keep game from spooking. You also get big eye relief with this one, plus Nikon’s BDC Predator reticle, with multiple, strategically spaced ballistic reference circles.

MSRP: Nikon has the 3-9x40mm at $299.95, the bigger adjustable at $379.95. Both are also available in Mossy Oak Brush.

The Author Recommends: It's hard to own just one Thompson/Center–I know, I've tried. But whether you have just one in your safe or a dozen, Standard Catalog of Firearms Thompson/Center Arms Pricing and Checklist is the reference guide you need to evaluating condition and pricing of these unique and worthwhile firearms.


  1. Nikon also makes a couple of great scopes for the .223. Check out the P223 and the M223. Both have a couple of available variable magnifications as well as their BDC (Bullet Drop Compensator) for the .223 caliber. These are designed for the AR platform but work as well on the bolt action rifles. For another great .223 rifle check out the Mossberg MVP bolt action. It has the advantage of being chambered for 5.56 ammo as well as the .223, and uses AR style magazines as well. I have one of the MVP’s and it is a great rifle. A word of caution though is not to use the 5.56 ammunition in a rifle that is not specifically chambered for that round. Most bolt action rifles chambered for the .223 will not handle the breech pressure of the 5.56 and could result in complete gun failure. There are some great articles available on this topic, so do a little research and check it out. Thanks


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