Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 7


Browning A-bolt M100 Eclipse thumbhole stock centerfire rifle

Browning A-Bolt M1000 Eclipse
This gun had “get up on me!” written all over it. Between the high rollover comb, the wide-arcing sweep of the pistol grip, and the extra hand positioning the thumbhole provides, this is one gun that nearly begs to conform to your shoulder and cheek when you’re shooting off sticks or a bipod. This short-action .22-250 caliber rifle (the only other varmint-appropriate calibers available are possibly .270 and .308, overkill for hide hunters, but just fine for those needing to control ranch ’yote numbers), has a fast 60-degree bolt lift, and if you choose this gun with the BOSS system, then fast follow-up shots are going to be a cinch. As for accuracy, I’m guessing this one’s spot-on, thanks to a heavy contour rigid barrel, glass-bedded and free-floating, benefited on the backside by hand chambering and on the front end with a target crown. At nearly 10 pounds, this isn’t a gun you want to wander hill and dale with moving from setup to setup, but the matte blue metal work mated to the dark-gray laminate stock in a satin finish should go well with just about any habitat, even snow, if you’re using naked gray trees and bushes for cover.

Remington Premier Disintegrator Varmint rifle ammunitionMSRP: The Browning website lists this gun in .22-250 at $1,339.99 naked, $1,439.99 with the BOSS on the muzzle.

Remington Premier Disintegrator Varmint
If the name doesn’t draw you in, this ammo’s performance will. Yes, this is lead-free ammunition. Yes, it’s frangible, so if you hit a rock instead of a furry coyote, there’s no ricochet to worry about. But when it does hit a coyote? Oh, yea, its going down, thanks to phenomenal expansion. Hit a vital zone—which should be a problem with the reputation for accuracy this ammo has—and you can place a call to your tannery. Bullet design is a jacketed hollow point with an iron-tin core. Both available calibers in this line, .22-250 and .223, wear a 45-grain bullet. In the .22-250, the 100-yard velocity is a stinging 2,690 fps, which should knock any coyote not wearing body armor right off its paws.

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