Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 10


Ithaca thumbhole stock Turkey Slayer shotgun

Ithaca Turkey Slayer
Wait, did that headline say Turkey Slayer? Sure does, but that’s okay, because if you need/prefer a shotgun and use buckshot, you’re never going to find one that fits the bill and is labeled for coyotes. So ignore the name, because this short-stroke pump-action—one of the smoothest pumps on the planet—and its super-slick thumbhole stock will work just fine. Wearing a 24-inch barrel, this gun comes with an extra-full Briley screw-in choke, though I’d purchase a couple other lesser constrictions to play with the patterning, since you’ll be using No. 00 Buck or something close. Hunters should have no trouble blending into a hardwoods edge with the unusual gray/brown laminate stock, the 24-inch barrel has lengthened forcing cones to minimize pellet deformation, and the built-in red fiber optics sights will keep you on target.

MSRP: The Ithaca Guns website lists the thumbhole version at $799, comparable to many bolt-action rifles, but since you don’t need a scope on the shotgun, this can really be a budget-friendly choice.

Silver Howler coyote callsSilver Dog Howler Calls
There are hundreds of calls out there for predator hunters, so many I could write about one a day, every day, for the next year and still not run out of product. I find them all interesting and fun to play with, but the Silver Dog Howlers I ran across really stood out from the pack (no pun intended). Made from cow horn and available in four sizes—Mighty Mite, Silver Dog Howler, The Boss, and the Wolf Pack Howler—each is capable of producing a full range of coyote language, with tonal differences spanning the four sizes. The makers, calling champions Steve and Ken Nordstrom of Parker, Colorado, claim they’re all easy to blow—and if that would be a welcome benefit if you’ve ever had one that left you winded! But, more importantly, the handcraftsmanship makes these beautiful and unique calls heirlooms that can be handed down through generations of hunters. Prices start at $38.50, and combo pricing is available, when you order multiple calls. For more information, see the website

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