Ammunition Reloading: Is It For You?


There are many great reasons to reload your own ammunition. Reloading expert C. Rodney James lists at least five: economy, accuracy, usefulness, necessity and added enjoyment of your shooting hobby. But James doesn't stop there. He goes on to point out that reloading ammunition is not for everyone.

According to James, the casual shooter, satisfied with rimfire ammunition performance, the person who targets his gun once or twice a year, and the person with no time for hobbies will find little use for this avocation.

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He also notes that there are others who may wish to join the ammunition reloading clan, but for reasons of safety are better advised not to. This category includes those who insist on drinking or smoking while reloading, the chronically careless, the forgetful and the accident-prone, and those given to dangerous experimentation. According to James, reloading is safer than driving a car, but you still have to pay attention to what you are doing.

So if you don't fall into the “shouldn't do it” category and would like to give it a try, and want no-nonsense tips and instructions from an expert on ammunition reloading, check out C. Rodney James' most recent book, The ABCs of Reloading. The book offers an overview of the reloading process, and covers those things that are critical to the craft but not found in loading manuals.

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