You Won’t Find This Selection at Your Local Gun Store!

You Won’t Find This Selection at Your Local Gun Store!

Window-shopping has never been easier. Gun Digest Illustrated Guide to Modern Firearms offers a spectacular visual tour of today's hottest guns. Along with information about each model and entertaining insights from Gun Digest editors, this book is a must-have for every gun-lover's coffee table.

Whether you're ready to buy, or just dreaming about what you'd buy “if,” you'll delight in combing the pages of this beautifully-illustrated book. There really is something here for everyone.

It begins with specialty tactical weapons, and they're not all ARs. Operators of these guns go by names like “Designated Marksman,” “Sharpshooter,” “Scout” and “Sniper.” Most of us will never own or shoot one of these, but they sure are fun to look at!

Then on to pistols – some for professionals, some for civilians, and some for those who appreciate a combination of function and beauty.

Next, revolvers. Simplicity and tradition never go out of style.

On to sporting rifles: Craftsmanship, style and reliability – when it comes to these guns there's no such thing as “too many.”

Then, a look at custom and engraved guns, showcasing the artistry of some of the finest custom guns the world has ever seen.

Next, the sporting shotguns chapter highlights the gamut of guns – fancy or functional – available for hunting and gaming/competition.

No “dream-gun book” would be complete without coverage of AR-type rifles. With a nod to ARs chambered for 7.62 NATO, other new calibers and AR piston guns, this category is hotter than ever!

Fans of blackpowder guns will also get a look at some of the latest offerings of these classic guns.

And finally, airguns! With the growing popularity of this category, this chapter shows off some of the hottest new models.

Whether you're shopping or dreaming, this book delivers. Visit the Gun Digest Store today to pick up a copy of Gun Digest Illustrated Guide to Modern Firearms. As a valued reader of the Inside Gun Digest Books blog, get free standard U.S. shipping on your order by using promo code INSIDEGDB. (Fine print: Items which ship directly from the manufacturer do not qualify for free shipping.)


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