Photo Gallery: 14 Amazing Engraved Guns of Gun Digest 2015


Our annual review of the finest examples of beauty and artistry in the world of custom and engraved guns.

Weldon Lister

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Weldon is a third-generation engraver. He began apprentice training under his father, Master Engraver W.E. “Bill” Lister, who had apprenticed under his uncle, Austin Lee Lister in the late 1940s. Texas engraver Frank Hendricks, who learned his engraving skills in Germany, also played a role in Weldon’s engraving education. The example of his engraving prowess shown here, a Winchester Model 21 shotgun, shows a definite Germanic influence. Weldon also told me he didn’t want to do any more oak leaves for a while. Any classic country music fans out there might also remember Bill Lister as a member of the Hank Williams band back in the good old days. Photos by Weldon Lister

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