Giveaway: Win 69 Years of “Gun Digest” Annual Books!!


** The giveaway has ended, but be sure to check the Inside Gun Digest Books blog often for more chances to win great Gun Digest books.**

69 years of Gun Digest books on 3 discsFor fans of Gun Digest old and new, the Gun Digest 1944-2013 3-Disc Set is the ultimate collection of “The World’s Greatest Gun Book,” spanning the decades from the most recent editions to the historic, collectible and hard-to-find early editions.

If you want gun reviews of shotguns, rifles, muzzleloaders, handguns or airguns – everything from classic to contemporary – or you enjoy reading articles by classic gun writers like Elmer Keith and Jack O' Connor, this is the collection for you!

This week, we're giving away a Gun Digest 1944-2013 3-Disc Set – the entire 69-year Gun Digest Book digital library in pdf format on three discs! – to one lucky winner.

To enter the random drawing, just post a comment below answering the following question: When did you start reading Gun Digest? Or, you can just say you’d like to win the giveaway.

Entries will be accepted until midnight Tuesday (Oct. 23, 2012) and we’ll announce the winner Wednesday (Oct. 24). Good luck!

One entry per person, please.
Entries accepted until 11:59 pm Central Time Tuesday, October 23, 2012.
Winner will be selected at random and announced Wednesday, October 24, 2012.

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  1. Got hooked on Stoegers and American Rifleman over 60 years ago. Don’t remember my first Gun Digest, but it was the only one for me since then, although I had to buy the outdated one every year at a discounted price – didn’t matter as the articles were still relevant. Keep up the good work and enter me in the drawing. I’m sure I’ve forgotten most of the earlier articles.

  2. I started reading Gun Digest back in 2003 when I was in Iraq..and have countiued every since. This would be a greaat prize to win because im currently finishing up my Gunsmithing school and would love ot add this to my collection for a reference tool.

  3. We just started getting copies about 5 months ago and love them. We (Wife & I) are new to sports shooting and self defense and find this a great source of information.
    Wouldn’t mind winning either:-))

    • You’re very welcome Ducky. So true about the cover art, and you/ll get to see it all in these discs.

      Here’s a bit of GD historical trivia: The late Dan Shideler, former editor of the book and lifetime fan, sacrificed his entire, complete collection of Gun Digest annuals so we could send them to (gulp) be cut apart and scanned for this electronic archive. We all owe him a debt of gratitude.

      Thanks for reading the book for all these years, and for joining in the blog giveaway!

  4. Gun Digest is one of the Best Books that I know of , we have been reading these for more years than i can say , Hubby loves to work on and repare all kinds of Guns for Family and Friends and is allways using the Books for Information which are a great help to him.

  5. I started reading Gun Digest as a boy in Nebraska whenever My Father would get finished reading His copy. I’m a retired U.S. Army Veteran. I’ve been through extensive Combat Situations. Because of some of the situations that I’ve been in, I’ve been diagnosed with Traumatic Brain Injury. It has affected many areas of My Life. To put it mildly, My options are much more limited than they were before My time in the Military. I have a Big problem with Chronic Pain and Fatigue. Having said that it will help to explain a little about My reason for wanting The Collection. I love to read anything about Guns and this just seemed like a Dream package of reading material, and to think that Ya’ll are giving a set away really caught My attention. Since My time in the Service, I haven’t been dealing with a “Pile” of money so it would be Awesome if I Won. If not I’ll pursue a purchase later. Thank Ya’ll for Your Time and Consideration.

  6. I remember reading Gun Digest since I was just a grade school kid sitting in the barber shop waiting for the barber to finish the two or three families in front of me. I often got through the entire magazine at one sitting before my turn came up. In the meantime, I got thoroughly entertained, learned one heckuva lot, and fed my love of guns. I must have been 7 or so, and I’m 65 now, so….

  7. Growing up in a small town there was no public library so I was never aware of the books. When I moved to a small city I found a few examples in the library but no complete collection. Even to this day the library does not have anywhere near a complete collection so this would be a very nice prize to have. I have bought a few here and there at gun shows or rummage sales and it seems like I always come across the same years that I already have.

  8. I started reading gun digest a few years ago when I was 30. We were going through some of my fathers things after he passed away and we found an issue of gun digest in with his magazines and Ivd read it ever since

  9. Started reading Gun digest with my dad when I was 9yrs. old and saved every one since #24. Due to a recen=t flood I have lost all except #28-’74,#37-’83,#38-’84,#42-’88,& #45-’91. Also lost all Handloader’s digest except #4-’68. Would realy love to win this to replace lost information if not the books.

    • rnrlott,
      “Gun Digest the Magazine” is great reading, but you’ll be happy to hear there’s even more! This giveaway is for three discs containing 69 years worth of the “Gun Digest” Annual book, which has been published once a year since 1944. The books contain firearms content from the great gunwriters of the past – like Elmer Keith and Jack O’Connor – all the way to today’s leading authorities. There is virtually no gun that hasn’t been covered by these writers over the years. You’ll be able to read thousands of quality articles by reputable experts: test fire gun reviews, shooting, collecting, gunsmithing, concealed carry, rifles, shotguns, handguns, optics and more.
      Thanks for reading, and good luck in the drawing!

  10. I just learned to read last year and I love firearms so this would be a great way to enhance my new found skill and learn more about that which I could not before. My brain is like a sponge and I need to saturate it with loads of new information. This disc set would be invaluable if I were to win it. Many thanks Gun Digest for the opportunity.

  11. I’ve been reading Gun Digest since the mid 1960s, and when I was promoted to sergeant in the NYPD, in 1987, any information gleaned from Gun Digest, I would pass along to police officers at roll call. I did this until I retired from the NYPD in 1993.

  12. Started back in the early 70’s. Somehow, they’ve all disappeared! (Lent out books rarely come back). Would love to go back to those, as well as the older and newer ones. Loved the old writers. This collection would provide for me the ability to look back at some of the great old guns and prices, as well as reread the great old writers of yesterday. Most importantly, it would also allow my kids and grandkids to see some of the great guns, prices, and articles they’ve only heard about from me.

    I look forward to receiving the DVD’s.

    • Wow – you’ll have some serious reading to do, but you won’t be disappointed. When I first went back over these historical issues, it was fascinating to see the evolution of firearms and the industry over the decades, and to read the great stories from so many renowned gun writers.
      Good luck in the drawing!
      ~ Corrina

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