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Editor’s Pick: Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns

Astra M-600, in 9mm Parabellum, is a development of the M-400 in 9mm Largo. The M-600 was supplied in quantity to the German government during WW II.

We hear that gun store shelves these days are empty and dusty, bereft of firearms and ammunition alike. We’re hearing it’s close to the same at gun shows, too, with prices rocketing for the “precious few” that remain.

Rumors are rumors, and truth is truth. There does seem to be a shortage of firearms for sale out there. But, in the spirit of Mark Twain, “Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated.” In other words, there are still lots of guns out there, especially if you’re open to looking for something other than today’s hottest fashion.

What we’re getting at is that there are lots of used options out there, and many an older workhorse is still going strong. But you need to know what you’re looking at before you spend the dollars. Our Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns can help you with that.

A compilation of some of the best handgun articles that have appeared in the Gun Digest annual volume since 1944, Classic Combat Handguns provides both a historical perspective and an honest evaluation of sidearms that have come and gone—and which you may well be passing by at your local gun show or in the used case at your favorite shop.

Are you likely to find buried treasure after giving this very neat book a read? Maybe. But if even if you don’t, you’re still apt to find a gun to love sitting right next to the one you thought you wanted.

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