Ask the Editor: Which Gun Price Guide Do I Need?

Ask the Editor: Which Gun Price Guide Do I Need?


Editor’s Note: Click here for instant firearms values and gun prices and the full article Gun Values: Learn How Much Your Gun is Worth.

With several gun pricing books to choose from, we here at GD are often asked, “Which price guide has the [insert your gun model here] in it?” Here’s a quick look at what each book does (and, in some cases, doesn’t) cover.

Standard Catalog of Firearms
There’s a reason this book is known as “the standard” reference on firearms:
– Covers the world’s hottest collectible firearms, past and present, updated every year with the industry’s newest offerings.
– 7,500+ photos and extended descriptions help you figure out what you have and what it’s worth.
– Up to six condition grades for each, with over 110,000 prices listed.

What is doesn’t include is military guns. Hey, the thing has 1472 pages and weighs almost five pounds – We had to stop somewhere! Which brings us to . . .

Standard Catalog of Military Firearms
From handguns to rifles and fully-automatic machineguns and submachineguns, Standard Catalog of Military Firearms provides:
– Detailed descriptions and values for the world’s military firearms, from Argentina to Yugoslavia.
– Descriptions and values for related accessories including clips, magazines, bayonets and holsters.
– Sixth edition includes all-new entries for pre-cartridge era military firearms.
– 2,000 listings and 1,500 photos.

Flayderman’s Guide to Antique American Firearms and their Values
If antiques are your thing, this is the book you need. Covering firearms from the early 1700s to the early 1900s, this volume includes:
– 4,000+ antique American firearm models and variants extensively described with marks and specifications, along with 1,800 large-scale photos.
– Full information on how to assess values based on demand, rarity and condition.
– History of firearms makers, with dates and locations of manufacture, and quantities manufactured.

Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values
Finally, the Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values is touted as the shooter’s guide to guns 1900 to present:
– Focuses on commercial guns made since 1900, with special emphasis on guns made since WWII – no antiques, no obscure pieces.
– Includes 25,000 values for 8,500 guns, and 4,000 photos.

If gun prices are what you’re looking for, one or more of these Gun Digest books should give you just what you need!


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