Learn How to Reload Ammunition with Online Class & Tools

Learn How To Reload Ammo

Complete an accredited reloading course and expand your business opportunities

Hornady Reloading Press
In addition to the online course and access to a live instructor, every student will receive a Hornady Lock-n-Load AP reloading press ($500 value).

Gun Digest is proud to partner with the Sonoran Desert Institute (SDI) and Hornady for the Certificate of Ballistics and Reloading course.

This online class, hosted by SDI, is more than just a reloading starter kit or a tutorial on how to reload ammunition. It's not for hobbyists. It's for people serious about receiving qualification in the field of reloading from an accredited institutions. These include:

  • Anyone interested in reloading ammunition as part of a new or existing business
  • Firearm entrepreneurs looking for a certificate from an accredited institution to help them advertise more effectively, get a small business loan or establish authority in the marketplace
  • Hardcore gun enthusiasts who want to make money reloading ammunition

From reloading tools to reloading instructions, the Certificate of Ballistics and Reloading course has it all to make your venture into custom ammunition successful and profitable:

  • Gun Digest’s catalog of proven reloading instruction, presented in a go-at-your-own-pace format accessible anywhere with an Internet connection (even a mobile device)
  • A Hornady Lock-n-Load AP Reloading Press, shipped directly to you (yours to keep)
  • Access to a live instructor
  • Course curriculum overseen by Rob Pincus of I.C.E.
  • No rigid schedules to meet, fit this class into your schedule with a go-at-your-own-place online course

Sonoran Desert InstituteGraduates of the Certificate of Ballistics and Reloading online course will expand their business opportunities using the authority that comes from having completed a class from Sonoran Desert Institute, an accredited institution.

“If starting or expanding your gun business includes making and selling custom ammunition, this is the reloading class for you. The authority that comes with having completed an SDI class could drive sales, make your marketing stand out or even help you secure a small business loan.” ~ Jim Schlender, Gun Digest publisher

Remember: This isn’t a run-of-the-mill reloading guide you read online. Only those serious about making money from reloading ammunition should enroll.

If you're ready, visit SDI now.