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The Blade-Tech Phantomholster.


Associate Editor Andy Belmas is also a big fan of the WaltherPPS and got the chance to carry the slim little pistol in polymerholster crafted by Blade-Tech. The Ultimate Concealment Holster isan IWB with a slick little S-hook attachment system. The hookallows for the attachment point to ride over the waistband of thepants but still allow room for a belt.  The S-hook is at theend an arm allowing for changes in the holster’s cant. Retentionstrength is controlled with the standard rubber retentionscrew.


“This holster just disappears under even a light shirt and isvery comfortable,” said Belmas. “I need to wear it a bit behind thepoint of my hip, but once I found the right spot, the Bladetech wasamazing.”

MSRP: $69.95 from www.blade-tech.com.


Because I’m intimately familiar with the Glock 22 deliverysystem I grabbed up the Falco Model 34, leather a belt-slidepancake holster sculpted to fit the Austrian shooting iron. With athumb break that serves as a sweat guard and its full-length styleto protect the front sight. This is a good solid holster. It isdesigned with a nice cant and rides both high and tight. This is avery nice holster and the pancake style is quickly becoming myfavorite for concealed carry. On a side note, Falco is a Slovakiancompany, which explains the reference to “special impregnationcreams” in the maintenance manual that comes with the holster. Ifyou’ve ever cared for a leather holster in the past, you know whatto treat your holster with. Don’t let the manual cause anyconfusion. MSRP: $49.95 at  www.falcoholsters.com.


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After taking a traditional leather holster and shoving a polymerpistol into it, I decided to switch things up and took a stainlessCommander-sized 1911 and dropped it into a Kydex masterpiece fromsmall company in Tennessee. Aholster Company of Chuckey, TN makes aKydex belt slide rig that is perfectly molded to both the pistoland the body. It is a dream to carry.  Holster maker AlanMiller has created a nice little niche for himself in that he sellsa lot of his product through the Shootrite Training Center inAlabama. This holster offers the ubiquitous sweat shield, stout andadjustable rubber belt straps with my favorite pull-the-dot snapsand an open-bottom design that still protects the front sight. Thisis a simple yet effective holster that will serve your needs foryears to come. MSRP: $69.95 at www.aholster.com.


The Blade-Tech Elcipse belt slide holster for the Commandershared a lot in common with the Aholster model, but there were somenotable differences. First and foremost, the Blade-Tech rubberloops didn’t offer snaps. They were screwed directly to theholster’s base plate. The molding of the Blade-Tech was much moredefined and included room for a Crimson Trace laser grip module,that’s a nice touch. It is quality you can feel. MSRP: $69.95 fromwww.blade-tech.com.Previous Page Next Page