New Gun: Springfield Launches TRP 10mm RMR

Springfield has introduced its second production 10mm, the TRP 10mm RMR decked out with a Trijicon reflex sight.

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Glock has become a preferred semi-automatic come hunting season and Massad Ayoob demonstrates exactly why.

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There's more to Springfield Armory than just off-the-shelf XD pistols. The gunmaker's custom shop is more than capable of turning out an heirloom-quality firearm.

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With all the modern handguns choices available today it might seem counterintuitive, but single-action revolvers are still a viable concealed carry option.

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Elmer Keith was the key in the development of many cartridges, but it's the Ol' Cuss's work on handgun magnums that help reshape the firearms world.

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The Colt Python is widely considered to be one of the best revolvers ever made, it’s also among the most collectible.

The .22 LR: Mini, Mighty And Many

The .22 LR is among the most versatile calibers, in part due to the wealth of different ammunition.
.357 Magnum with Nosler bullets. All Photos: J.D. Fielding Photography

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Modern reloading of hunting revolver ammo can bring newfound interest to old iron.

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Springfield has launched its first production 10mm with the release of two TRP Operator models chamber for the powerful round.

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The Security-9 revives Ruger's Security line of handguns, but this time as an economical semi-automatic pistol.

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In a time of semi-auto dominance, revolvers — and the cartridges they shoot — are far from irrelevant.

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There are plenty of proponents and detractors of AIWB (Appendix Inside the Waistband) carry, but who is right when it comes to this controversial method?

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There are few things as accurate, useful and fun as a great rimfire handgun.





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Handy and stylish, the concealed carry purse is a solid method of toting a handgun. But the unorthodox approach takes some special considerations to ensure safety and efficiency.