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After you have cleaned your rifle and all of its parts, you’re basically going to reverse the steps you took to disassemble the rifle to put it back together again.

1. First, slide the spring and buffer back into the tube, locking it securely behind the detent.

2. If you removed the extractor and extractor spring, insert them back into the bolt, securing them in place with the extractor pin.

3. Slide the bolt back into the front of the carrier by lining the extractor up on the right side.

4. Push the carrier key back into the hole at the top of the bolt carrier assembly and rotate it 90 degrees into place. If it isn’t rotated the right way, you will not be able to see daylight through the hole where the firing pin will slide.

5. Slide the firing pin back into the rear of the bolt carrier assembly and secure it with the firing pin retaining pin. Note that the pin will not poke through the bolt until it is fully locked back into place on the carrier assembly.

6. Slide the charging handle into the rear of the receiver, sliding it near the top groove where you will feel it drop in after a couple of inches.

7. Before sliding the charging handle all of the way in, take the bolt carrier group, ensuring that bolt is in fully forward position, and insert the key into the charging handle. Then slide it into the rear of the upper receiver with the gas tube in the groove along the bottom of the charging handle, continue to slide both of them forward until they lock into place.

8. Hook the upper receiver into the lower receiver where the hinge pin aligns with the appropriate holes in the upper and push the hinge pin into place until it locks. Swing the upper and lower receivers closed and then slide the takedown pin back into place

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This article is an excerpt from Modern Shooter Spring 2014 presented by Gun Digest.

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