Ron Smith Engraved Lever Action

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I well remember the first project I saw from Ron Smith. It was at one of my early visits to the FEGA/ACGG combined exhibition. The project blew my mind, it was so good. When told about who had done the project, my response was, “Who’s Ron Smith?” I was totally unfamiliar with him. I can remember writing in a story shortly thereafter, “I don’t know what Arizona rock I’ve been under, but ... .” The photos here are of his latest undertaking. In addition to executing his wonderful engraving and inlay work, he also does a lot of teaching and writing on engraving.

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  1. I must admit that 1911 is sweet. Most of this stuff is pretty ridiculous though, who would do all that to a hunting rifle? I wouldn’t want to take something like that out in the field. And if you’re not planning on using them, then what’s the point at all? Form follows function.