Photo Gallery: 7 Rock-Steady Rifle Bipods


The need for a bipod becomes all too evident in the field when squeezing off a shot at 100 yards or more. Today’s rifle bipods are ultra-versatile and utilitarian.

Tango Down ACB-4

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TangoDown LLC is located in La Verne, Calif., and is a manufacturer of weapon components for military and law enforcement applications. Their Advanced Combat Bipod (ACB-4 Bipod) is composed of lightweight 7075 aircraft grade aluminum forgings and polymers. The ACB-4 attaches directly to any MIL-STD 1913 rail using a clamp with two cross-bolts. Both legs fold closely to the weapon to create a low profile, and on an AR with a 15-inch free-float tube, the folded legs are well forward of the fore grip. It reminds me of the M60 MG’s look and handling. The bipod features both pan and tilt motions to assist in setting up on uneven ground and tracking moving targets. Each leg is deployed by pressing a button, and can be set for one of three different heights. MSRP: $220 | Website:

This gallery also appeared in the Winter 2015 issue of Modern Shooter magazine, presented by Gun Digest. Click here to download this issue.

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