We Have a Winner, and a Definite Trend


The results are in, and the consensus seems to be that, whether you're working on your own AR or having someone else do it, most of you are interested in learning more. Thanks to everyone for posting your comments in the latest book giveaway!

The winner of Gunsmithing the AR-15 is jr1911, who said, “Would like to learn how, there may not always be a smithy around.” Great point, jr1911, and soon you'll have the information you need to do everything from simple tasks, such as disassembling and maintaining your AR, to more complex projects, like rebarreling or converting to a piston design.

Pat Sweeney delivers the information, tips and techniques you need in Gunsmithing the AR-15, but not by giving a blow-by-blow description of assembling an AR, as if you opened the book with a box of loose parts at your elbow. In the course of the book you'll get all that, but it is much more likely that you have an AR and want to enhance, modify or rebuild it, so he covers the rifle by subject − you can go right to the chapter for the project you're currently working on.

According to Pat, “You may not find anything new in this book,” (I doubt that ~ CP) “but you sure won't be bored.” (I'm sure of that ~ CP)

If you didn't win this round of the book giveaway, you can still get your own copy from the Gun Digest store. And, be sure to check the blog frequently – we'll be giving away more books within days!

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