This May Be THE Library for Serious Handgun Fans


If you are a serious fan of handguns, or you know someone who is, now is your chance to get an unbelievable price on a fantastic collection of books on the topic in the Gun Digest All About Handguns Premium Collection.

In this ultimate handgun library, you get 7 books covering everything there is to know about:

  • revolvers and semi-autos
  • gunsmithing
  • shooting
  • assembly/disassembly
  • ammo reloading
  • model reviews
  • historical articles

Plus, these books are written by some of the greatest gun writers of our time, including Massad Ayoob, Pat Sweeney, Grant Cunningham and more.

This is a limited offer with a value of $165.89 for the special price of $69.99. The catch is, there are only 17 offers left at this price (as of the posting of this blog entry), so you'll have to be quick to get in on this amazing deal. Click here now to order the Gun Digest All About Handguns Premium Collection.

I highly recommend this collection.


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  1. Update: Since this blog posted, a bunch more of these have sold. At this point, only ten remain, so if you’re a fan of handguns and you love a bargain, get over to the Gun Digest Store and order yours quickly, before they’re all gone!


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