Remember the first Gun Digest? (Hint: Think back to 1944!)


Back in 1944, under the watchful eye of John T. Amber, the first annual edition of Gun Digest printed in a limited quantity. It quickly sold out and has since become a much sought-after and valuable collectors' item. First edition copies demand high prices for those who wish to complete their collections of annual Gun Digest editions.

To satisfy the great demand for the 1944 first annual edition, and to make it available to gun lovers old and new, Gun Digest Books has reprinted the 1944 edition in its entirety…again in a very limited edition.

Articles in this classic read include:
* Choosing the big game rifle
* High power rifles
* Selecting and shooting a target rifle
* Shotguns for field and waterfowl shooting
* Choosing a handgun and learning to shoot it

Also included are ballistics tables for rifle and revolver; rifle sighting tables; and sights, scopes, mounts, binoculars and special chokes.

To round out your own Gun Digest collection, or as a gift for someone special this holiday season, get your copy here.



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