Photo Gallery: 25 Rugged Ruger Revolvers


Custom Ruger Single-Six

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Doug Berry commissioned Alan Harton, of Single Action Service, to build this Single-Six to match his customized .45 Colt Montado. The barrel was shortened to 3¾ inches to also match the Montado. It features a Bisley hammer, free-spin pawl, custom Patridge-style front sight and base, S&W J-frame adjustable rear sight, Colt-style ejector rod, shortened base pin, blackpowder chamfer on the front of the cylinder, and one very slick action and trigger job. Photo by Doug Berry

This photo gallery is an excerpt from the Gun Digest Book of Ruger Revolvers.

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  1. Uh…a Ruger HOOD ornament? Not to mention an 03 Ruger hood ornament? Please tell me it’s just resting on the radiator cap for the shoot – no pun intended. I have seen crazier stuff, but otherwise…too much money, too little sense.

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