Photo Gallery: 2015 Smith & Wesson Handguns


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Smith & Wesson is one of the most recognized names in the firearms world, producing some of the most popular semiautomatic pistols and revolvers available today. The Massachusetts manufacturer is never one to rest on it laurels when it comes to introducing new firearms or improving on old. Here’s a look at what S&W has in store for 2015.

Model 642 with LaserMax

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The M&P Shield isn’t the only handgun Smith & Wesson has given the laser treatment to this year. The highly popular Model 642 will also be offered with the option of a factory installed laser sight. The J-Frame revolver is outfitted with a LaserMax CenterFire sight, giving the .38 Special (rated for +P ammo) the ability to acquire targets quickly. MSRP $539.

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