Perfect Stocking Stuffers for the Gun Lover


Have you finished shopping for the gun lover on your list? With time running out and budgets tight, Gun Digest Books has the perfect solution: exploded gun drawing downloads!

•    No fighting for a parking spot!
•    No long checkout lines!
•    No shipping charges!
•    Immediate delivery – No hoping that the package arrives in time for the holiday!

From the Gun Digest Book of Exploded Gun Drawings, individual PDF downloads give you an isometric exploded view of your firearm, with numbered and labeled parts to help you identify and order replacement parts or take a gun apart for cleaning and simple repair.

For only $0.99 each, you can download as many or as few as you need − get one for each gun in your collection. Click here to choose your individual downloads.

Need several long gun drawings from Ithaca, Browning or Winchester? Or maybe drawings of multiple handguns from Colt, Taurus or Smith & Wesson? Download a collection of drawings from a particular maker for only a few dollars. Click here to choose from the many available options.

Last minute shopping has never been easier. Happy Holidays from Gun Digest!


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