More Than Fast & Furious

More than 50 Congressmen are calling for the resignation of U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder in light of Operation Fast & Furious. Turns out that wasn't the only gun-running circus the BATFE was sponsoring.


I comb through the major newspapers everyday, but rarely do I read through more than the headline, subhead, and first paragraph of anything related to guns when the articles are generated by the primary media outlets. There are just too many things they get wrong and too much bias, and reading through their pieces in their entirety boils my stomach acid. However, I came across a quite lengthy piece today from the usually more neutral Bloomberg Businessweek, and I gave the entire piece a read. You're going to need more than five minutes to get through the five online pages here, but some points I found intersting I'll synopsize here.

  • “Fast and Furious” wasn't the only gun running operation setup by the ATF. At least one other border-crossing circus, “Operation Wide Receiver” was begun as early as 2006, during the Bush Administration.
  • Both operations lost hundreds upon hundreds of guns.
  • Four states are now currently paying for the “well, it looked good on paper” games of the ATF. California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas are now currently under additional reporting regulations the other 46 states of the Union are not. This undoubtedly also “looks good on paper,” but NSSF has filed suit against the ATF for these prejudicial regs, accusing the agency of exceeding its authority. (Ya think?)
  • Of the smaller Operation Wide Receiver project, nine indictments were obtained. Of those, two are fugitives (probably sitting somewhere in the hills of Mexico, surrounded by AR-15s and laughing their patooties off), and five have plead guilty to falsifying information on government forms–i.e., they answered yes to the question that the firearms they bought were for personal use. Four of those five are awaiting sentancing, while the fifth was sentanced to 366 days in jail. Wait–I thought these were international gun-running charges, not a case of which celebrity got a DWI this week?

Today's online edition of The Daily Caller announced that now 51 congressmen have called on Eric Holder to resign immediately. That number is up five since yesterday (Thursday, 11/17/11) morning, but according to the same article, “Holder is currently on a taxpayer-subsidized junket in the Caribbean with his spokeswoman Tracy Schmaler, who has repeatedly declined to answer questions about the increasing congressional disapproval of Holder’s job performance.” Nice to know one of our leaders employs the tactics of an ostritch when things get tough.

I'd like to editorialize here–a lot–but I think I'll let the readers do it. Tell us here at Gun Digest what you think about these latest developments in the BATFE scandals. Lord knows these are more important to us than what's going on at Penn State.

The author recommends: “Well, what else would you want to read after the two articles above but the Gun Digest Book of the AR-15 Volume 3 by one of our favorite authors Patrick Sweeney?!” 



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