Gun Quotes: A Tyrannosaur That’s Not a Dinosaur

The .577 Tyrannosaur by A-Square.

Just in case some mad scientist grabs some pre-ice age DNA and goes all Jurrasic Park on us, the aptly named .577 Tyrannosaur is probably up for the challenge.

“Jim Smith, who managed A-Square, says the first question anyone asks about the .577 is ‘What is the recoil like?’ To find out—since neither of us had ever fired one—we took a Tyrannosaur to a range in Kentucky and let fly. Shooting it offhand, with a firm grip, each of us was rocked onto his back foot, but nothing was dislocated and (lurid Internet videos to the contrary) we were neither thrown across a room nor through a window. A quick second shot would be difficult though. Fitted with Art's Coil-Check stock, the rifle itself weighed 13 pounds. The stock was so large, it was difficult to hold onto—shooting the gun was like fencing with a railroad tie—and I would hate to have to stalk a dangerous animal with the rifle at the ready.”—Terry Wieland, Dangerous Game Rifles, from the chapter “Cartridges for Bolt Actions.”

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Gun Digest Presents Classic Sporting Rifles, Edited by Terry Wieland


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