Editor’s Pick: 70 Years of Gun Books on 3-Discs



When you’ve been putting out an annual gun book for nearly 70 years and that volume is always the best seller, that kind of speaks volumes about the quality inside the binding. And so it is with Gun Digest, in continual yearly print since 1944.

Gun Book CollectionWhy does this gun book have a crazy number of fans? Because it has always had, and continues to have, absolutely something for everyone in it—every shooter, every hunter, every serious competitor, every firearms collector, and every gun hobbyist.

Are you a high-power competitor? Yup, we’ve covered that.

An avid wingshooter who prefers a 28-gauge over anything else? Oh, yeah, we’ve been there.

And we’ve been there with concealed carry guns and gear, blackpowder muzzleloader wonders from yesteryear and tomorrow, wildcat cartridges that are on their way to being the next big thing and hot new factory ammunition already on the cutting edge of performance, behind the scenes looks at the makers and shakers in the firearms industry, glimpses at priceless collections and custom creations, and oh, so much more!

In fact, Gun Digest is perhaps the best-known modern-day record of our treasured firearms history—and that, too, says a lot.

We hear all the time from people who say, quite seriously, that they have a gun book library with every single volume of Gun Digest proudly displayed on the shelves.

And then there are the newer readers who’ve discovered our gun books only in recent years and wish they could find the older volumes without spending a fortune on e-Bay. Well, we have the solution to that with the full collection of Gun Digest on a three-CD set.

Every volume, from every year, from 1944-2013 is there, with every page, photograph, gun test, and story accounted for—and none of it will take up space on your library shelf!

Click here to order the Gun Digest 1944 – 2013 3-Disc Set for the best price from GunDigestStore.com.


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