Giveaway: Win a Copy of “Gun Digest 2013”


** The giveaway has ended, but be sure to check the Inside Gun Digest Books blog often for more chances to win great Gun Digest books.**

Gun enthusiasts can hardly be considered a homogeneous group. The variety of interests spans gun collecting, target shooting, hunting, concealed carry, personal protection, gunsmithing and reloading. The focus for any individual might be rifles, shotguns, handguns or all of the above.

This week, in celebration of the diverse group that we are, we're giving away a copy of Gun Digest 2013, the only book available that brings you coverage of everything that firearms fanatics crave.

With in-depth articles on the world's most fascinating guns, testfire reports on the latest models, insights on collectibles and custom guns, and a look into what's new in firearms, ammo, reloading and optics, this book has something for everyone.

To enter the random drawing, just post a comment below telling us about your primary interest in guns. As a gun enthusiast, which category best describes you? Or, as always, you can just say you’d like to win the book.

Entries will be accepted until midnight Monday (August 20, 2012) and we’ll announce the winner Tuesday (August 21). Good luck!

If you'd like to order a copy of Gun Digest 2013 from the Gun Digest Store today, remember to use promo code INSIDEGDB to get free standard U.S. shipping on your order. (Promo code fine print: Items which ship directly from the manufacturer do not qualify for free shipping.)

One entry per person, please.
Entries accepted until 11:59 pm Central Time Monday, August 20, 2012.
Winner will be selected at random and announced Tuesday, August 21, 2012.

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  1. Gun Digest always is a source of interesting information. It helps me in my gunsmithing business. I like to keep a current copy handy, along with previous year’s editions. Winning a copy would make that edition special for me.

  2. I got into guns while I was in the Coast Guard. I was on the icebreaker Polar Star and while underway we would occasionally shoot skeet off the fantail on the way to Antarctica. Now I’m mainly into target shooting, concealed carry and home defense.

  3. “Basic”…Springfield 1911 (.45), Winchester 1300 (12 Ga.), and Remington 597 (.22). Lots of ammo for each (Standard and exotic.)
    Tacky-kewl? Nope.
    I did replace the slide stop and stock panels on the 1911 (It came with Novak sights, extended safety’s, etc. The slide stop is only thing I’ve had to break on any of the 1911’s I’ve had.) Side saddle for the shotgun. Scope for the .22.

  4. I was raised from a young age to really appreciate firearms and now reaching a time in my life to be able to expand my collection and my gun knowledge good comprehensive reference books are always a welcome addition to a collection. I would love to be able to add this to my collection. Thanks

  5. Collect military rifles and like to shoot them.Also have a good number of pistols .Been into guns since i was 12 year old and that’s too long ago to remember.Gun Digest is one of my favorite books and I usually buy one every couple of years.It would make it even better if I won it.

  6. I started out with a Daisy BB gun, wore it out, a few years later got an H&R Topper shotgun in 20 ga. and a Browning T-bolt .22 for hunting. Got into law enforcement 36 years ago and have since that time owned many revolvers and suto-loading pistols, a few shotguns and an AR. My biggest interest besides work guns is Cowboy Action Shooting…it would be great to win a copy of the 2013 Gun Digest!

  7. I’ve been a gunsmith for over 30 years. I have a crippling disease now and can’t do very much work. I still read a lot and try to help the younger generation with the knowledge I’ve accumulated. Haven’t been able to buy a Gun Digest yearly for last few years. Would love to win one.

  8. primarily a handgun/rifle user. I carry concealed so that is of great interest to me, but I also love information about tactical rifles since I love my ak74. Also as an amateur gunsmith, I love information in that section too! so I am an all around kind of gun guy I guess…

  9. Hard to say. Like to hunt, target shoot, carry at work and have to shoot to maintain that, carry off duty and have to practice to maintain that as well. Like to collect although have Winchester dreams and a Henry budget – just don’t feel guilty about shooting my Henry’s!

  10. My interests are in anything guns, from Derringers to Barrett’s, if it goes bang, I like it! I believe in concealed carry which could prevent shootings, not gun disarmament leaving psychopaths and criminals armed. I do have a concealed carry permit and a old Springfield 1911 pistol that I carry always. I want the book because accurate information like this is hard to come by, and since I’m just starting gunsmithing, moneys a little tight, so I can’t just buy anything that I want that would help get me started.

  11. I purchase a copy of this every year due to quite a few of my friends wanting to know the value of their firearms. I hunt with shotgun, rifle and handgun besides archery. I recently purchased a Smith & Wesson 500 to use. I usually use a .44 mag. but wanted to try something new. I sell a lot of firearms for the wives of friends that have passed so I need to keep up on their value. to get he most for them.

  12. I interests lie in self-defense mostly. I am more of a fisherman than a hunter, although I do kill my share of those pesty Nutria.

    I also like reading techniques and tricks related to reloading, sighting, shooting in general, training, etc.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this book!


  13. My interests are in anything guns, from Derringers to Barrett’s, if it goes bang, I like it! Anyways, I want the book because accurate information like this is hard to come by, and since I’m just starting gunsmithing, moneys a little tight, so I can’t just buy anything that would help get me started.

  14. I simply love old guns. Growing up, relatives and neighbors had old Uncle Ole’s old Norwegian Krag hunting rifle in the closet or Sven’s grandma’s old. 219 Zipper on the wall – the one she kept the rabbits out of her garden with… I remember one-room country stores with a literal pickle barrel full of old Lebels, Berthiers, Mosin-Nagants, Carcanos, and Lee-Enfields and Lee-Metfords for sale, cheap! To me, old guns are touching my youth again, bringing people and smells and sounds and touches back out of the musty closets of memory to live again…

  15. My interests are skilled shooting and concealed carry. Personal protection is a must these days, so that is tops for sure. I would love to win this book to gain more knowledge about all I can. Thanks for the chance!

  16. My primary interest is in the beauty of the mechanical design and function of the guns themselves. Would love to acquire this new edition of the book. My wife and I have a handful of pistols, revolvers and old military rifle that we enjoy taking to the range. However, I do have a CCW permit, and believe firmly that protection of my family and self is my personal responsibility.

  17. The evolution of mankind benefited from the advancements of tools for hunting then from both defensive and offensive weapons. So I can keep up with developments in firearms, I would love to win Gun Digest 2013. My interest is in gun history, collecting, hunting, protection, and preserving the 2nd amendment.

  18. My primary interest is home/personal defense but I’m considering shooting for fun.I used to bird hunt and loved it,thinking of that also.I wish there were a skeet range around and my part of the woods could use a public shooting range.

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