Gallery: 4 Hot New 2014 Rimfire Rifles


Chiappa MFour

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Not all rimfires must sport a traditional look. The AR-styled Chiappa Mfour is a semi-auto rimfire with a detachable dual-aperture adjustable iron sight/carry handle assembly that removes for access to mounting optics on the Picatinny railed flat top receiver. The rifle is a lightweight 5.5 pounds, has an overall length of 34.25 inches and lower and upper receivers are made of polymer. ($558;

The rimfire is alive and well. Just ask anybody who is still hunting down ammo. Once you find it, here are four new rifles worth firing some rounds through.

This photo gallery is an excerpt from the Gun Digest Shooter's Guide 2014.

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  1. These are nice rifles. But I know I can’t afford to pay 1.5k for a .22. Anything over $200.00 is going to be a big purchase for me. You only showed 1 rifle that was even close to affordable for the folks I know.

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