Enough Gun for an Angry Lion


 When it comes to fending off a surprised lion and his girlfriends feasting on zebra tartare, the situation requires both enough gun and fast reflexes.

Stanley L. Wood's "Lion Hunter."
Stanley L. Wood's “Lion Hunter.”

“As the trail took us through the tall grass and around a small hill, suddenly we surprised a large male lion and its two lionesses contentedly feeding upon a recently killed zebra … . In response to our noisy intrusion, the lion bounced to its feet to turn and face us in one quick move. … Our adrenaline  pumped with each switch of the lion’s tail. Crouching low, growling deeply, its tail jerking ever more fiercely, the lion charged.

… Cheetah held my rifle in a ready position, his eyes glued to the oncoming lion. Andrew, his mouth wide open, was speechless. … In a single great bounce, the lion was virtually upon us. In the same split second, Cheetah tossed me the gun. I snatched it in midair, jammed it to my shoulder, and managed to get off a quick shot at the lion’s right shoulder, just as it was making its final leap.”—Channing Beebe, Cannibals and Big Game, from the chapter “Too Close.


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