Editor’s Pick: What’s In Your Bug-Out Bag?


What's In Your Bug-Out Bag?

Bugging-Out. The term brings all sorts of thoughts to mind, especially if you’re a fan of, say, Nat Geo’s Doomsday Preppers. Meteors, plague, world financial collapse, mass rioting, war—those events are the focus of such shows, and, sure, any or all of them and others of their ilk could happen, however remote some might be (bet those folks in Russia weren’t betting on that meteor).

But bugging-out doesn’t have to be the result of something, well, dramatic. Take, for instance, the folks every year who have to abandon their homes in the West when the seasonal forest and range fires rage. Or the recent hurricanes named Sandy and Katrina. Aside from the Russian meteor anomaly, disasters small and large befall us every day. Many of them, such as it is with hurricanes, we have some warning of. Yet you always see the interviews of the ones who lost everything and are left with only the clothes on their backs. Don’t want to be one of those folks? Then get a bug-out bag together.

But just how do you go about that? We ran a contest last summer and asked the fans and readers of Gun Digest what they had in their bug-out bags. We had a super response, and our e-media guru and always prepared Corey Graff made a book out of it. What we like about What’s in Your Bug-Out Bag?  is that it came from you, the average person in a coffee café, the average homeowner, average car driver, average job holder—not some overrated tactical “professional” and definitely not a gas-masked ultra-paranoid on a TV show.

Give this real-world volume a read. Then scrounge around your garage, basement, spare closet. We bet you have most of what you need to survive for several days away from home. You just need to put them together in a coherent package, one that you can grab in a moment’s notice and, well, bug out to a safer place.

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