Editor’s Pick: Gun Digest Book of Survival Guns

Editor’s Pick: Gun Digest Book of Survival Guns

Gun Digest Book of Survival GunsIt’s been more than a few decades since America was gripped with the concept of survival preparedness. Way back when, it was a nuclear attack that was feared the most, and those who could built fall-out shelters.

But we were a more self-reliant society then. Today, with so many of us indelibly connected to everything — our bank accounts, our grocery stores, our insurance companies, etc. — online, disaster preparation has taken on dozens of different facets. One of those is staying prepared for a variety of catastrophes via your firearms.

Now, I know, I know, you’re probably thinking any gun you have in the house and are familiar with will do. And it might — or not. It’s that “not” that’s the problem. Have you really, seriously thought about what might happen in a time of rioting, of lost cell phone communication, of unprecedented natural disasters when suddenly you — and everyone else — are off the grid?

Thanks to author Scott Wagner’s vast experience in law enforcement and a serious dedication to preparing for any situation that might involve civil unrest and abandoning one’s home area, Gun Digest Book of Survival Guns guides a lot of that thinking for you.

In Survival Guns, you’ll get a no-nonsense and logical dissertation of what, why, how, when, and where you should think about the guns that can save you. Are you bunkering in and have a cache of food, medical supplies, ammo, and plenty of firearms? Great. But what do you do when the neighbors all come calling for shelter?

What do you do if it’s a natural disaster and you can’t get to your store of supplies? And what do you do when you gotta “bug out?” You sure can’t carry all that stuff with you. Wagner does a brilliant job of separating the wheat from the chaffe, expounding on barrel lengths, accessories, ammo and firearm type streamlining, group tactics, field maneuvers, and other extremely vital information about the firearms and cartridge choices that can save your life and those you love.

Yes, it’s hard to be prepared for the hundreds of catastrophes that can befall our lives, but this is one book that makes being prepared day to day for a lot of them both realistic and doable. Best of all, Wagner does it without hype, without hysteria, without the extremist views that are entertaining fodder on a TV show, but aren’t necessarily real-world applicable.

Click here to get your copy of the Gun Digest Book of Survival Guns.


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