Editor’s Pick: Gun Digest Cartridge & Ammo Value Pack



If we had a dollar for every person we’re hearing from who says ammo is in scarce supply and they’re turning to every alternative they can think of, including reloading, then, well, we’d be filthy rich.

Alas, we don’t have that dollar, but we do have a special value pack this month that should really please all you brass rats out there. The Gun Digest Cartridge & Ammo Essentials Value Pack has our hot-hot-hot selling Cartridges of the World 13th Edition, the very important Cartridge Comparison Guide, and the ever-so-handy American Standard Bullet Poster, which should be mounted above every reloader’s workbench.

For fun, we also threw in the mother of all reloading log pens, our .50-caliber Bullet Pen!

Check out this special value pack by clicking here. Quantities are limited, so get yours while they last!