Editor’s Pick: Gun Digest Book of the Remington 870


Gun Digest Book of the Remington 870If you ask even the most uninitiated what shotgun they might be familiar with, the answer will most likely be the Remington 870. It’s for that very reason, its undeniable recognition, that we bring you a true celebration of this worldwide favorite in Nick Hahn’s Gun Digest Book of the Remington 870.

From the tale of the humble beginnings of the first pump action — by the way, not the American invention we all claim it to be—to the story of Eliphalet Remington’s drive to make his infant company E. Remington and Sons a success at the turn of the nineteenth century and onto the mega firm that Big Green is today, Hahn brilliantly relates how integral this one single shotgun has played in all of it.

Truly, the 870 pump-action shotgun has been with us so long and has been produced in such astronomical numbers that it can fairly be called an American icon (and far more so than Paris Hilton could ever hope to be).

Yet, as Hahn discovered researched this very simple gun’s history, the 870 is actually more of a worldwide icon.

Hahn has worked and hunted in various countries throughout his career, and as he reflected on his travels, he realized just how many times and in how many places he’d run across others carrying a Remington 870.

Those stories are the icing on the cake in this book, and offer an unprecedented look at just how much of an impact this one gun has had on firearms history.

Whether it’s the original corn-cobbed fore-end version handed down to you from your grandfather, the long-barreled 870 TB Trap gun you first shot with at handicap yardages, the synthetic stocked Remington 870 Police or Express Tactical shotgun you stash in the bedroom corner or your squad car trunk to keep you and yours protected, or the faithful 870 Wingmaster you grab for each and every deer, duck, and dove hunt, the Gun Digest Book of the Remington 870 celebrates the gun you love, the gun the world loves.

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