Editor’s Pick: Classic Shotguns: Double Barrels

Editor’s Pick: Classic Shotguns: Double Barrels

Classic Shotguns: Double Barrels

Nick Hahn has been a welcome addition to the stable of Gun Digest writers. Not only does his work appear in the Gun Digest annual volume, he diligently researched the history of one of the most famous guns in America and provided us with the colorful and well received Gun Digest Book of the Remington 870.

Nick, like most gun writers, pens for a variety of publications, but he’s perhaps best known for his essays appearing in the vaunted Double Gun Journal. In fact, he’s been writing for that volume for many years now, and the publishers there were happy to share Nick’s work for them with our own readers.

So, with a gracious nod to DGJ, we’re able to bring you a collection of Nick’s work in our new digital download Classic Shotguns: Double Barrels. Inside this “desktop” volume you’ll find a wonderful gathering of some of Nick’s best scribing about over/unders and side-by-sides, American and foreign, collectible and memorable.

It’s a great look at one writer’s slant on a single genre of scatterguns, and also a nice way to take a peek at what goes into a specialty and niche publication like DGJ (and at a much sweeter price). Take a look at Classic Shotguns: Double Barrels. We think you’ll be glad you did.

Click Here to Download Classic Shotguns: Double Barrels


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