Can’t Decide Which Price Guide? Get Them All, at a Great Discount!


Editor’s Note: Click here for instant firearms values and gun prices.

A few weeks ago, I posted a blog describing the difference between the gun price guides available here at Gun Digest Books (click here to read that article). Now, the problem of which book to choose is solved – you can buy four books in a bundle, at a great discount!

If you're serious about making the most of every opportunity to buy or sell a collectible firearm, then the Ultimate Collectible Firearms Value Pack is for you. In this single package you get four of the most popular firearms price reference books, each providing valuable details, gun pricing and photographs of collectible firearms.

From the comprehensive descriptions and firearms values of the Standard Catalogs, to the meticulous production information in Flayderman's, this bundle is the perfect go-to reference library. Click here to get yours from the Gun Digest Store.


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